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Welding health and safety

Elias Occupational Hygiene Consulting Inc.

Dedicated to meeting the health and safety needs of Manitoba workplaces, Elias Consulting regularly partners with health and safety professionals to solve health and safety problems. We provide customized practical health and safety solutions for your workplace.

Health and Safety Services

For many years we have served Winnipeg and surrounding areas helping both management and workers achieve healthier and safer workplaces. This includes performing hazard investigations, air sampling, chemical exposure assessments, noise measurements, assisting in the design of new workplaces, as well as reviewing work methods and controls in existing workplaces, and helping managers and workers to design and implement improvements. Elias Consulting can also help companies assess their impact on the environment and, if necessary, to control emissions.

Health and Safety Staff

Elias Consulting has professional, experienced staff and associates that can provide a wide range of services. In addition to being registered safety professionals and registered and certified in occupational hygiene, we have specialized training and experience in air pollution, chemical exposures, WHMIS, audits, risk analysis, toxicology, and noise. We bring many skills and years of experience to solving your health and safety problem. For more information about our staff, go to about us.

We are committed to improving health and safety in Manitoba.

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